Lightweight and Perfect for Students

Laptops are no longer the only portable machine in the marketplace thanks to tablets.  And vision21 has a large range of tablets to best suit your specific needs.

Why a tablet vs. a laptop?  They’re incredibly lightweight – about 1/3 the weight of a standard laptop, making them easy to put in a purse, backpack, gym bag or briefcase for the ultimate in portability.

Also, a rising trend in business has been the use of tablets to run presentations – running your content on a large screen from the 7-10″ of a tablet makes business tasks more simple too.

Plus, tablets start up faster than the average laptop, they make for easy web browsing and they’re a perfect replacement for the laptop in the classroom too.  They allow children to learn in ways that weren’t even possible 5 years ago. Let the team at vision21 create a solution to meet your needs that includes tablets.  Call or email us today to start discussing how we can help craft a customized IT solution for you.

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